Alias (2012)

for sextet

Instrumentation: flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, violoncello

Duration: 7 min.

The Latin word alias, used initially to indicate that something happens somewhere else, in another way or under other circumstances, is a sample of the language’s ability to, preserving the historical meaning and its connotations, designate new concepts as they appear. In this case, we have recently started using the word alias to designate the fictitious name that we use on a network where a certain anonymity is preserved, such as the Internet.

This piece tries, on the one hand, to reformulate the same ideas over and over again, offering new aliases for the original idea, until reaching a point where all identities come together and become confused. On the other hand, the piece also starts from the intention of elaborating a contemporary discourse based on certain elements present in other historical contexts, trying to strip them of their original meanings by treating them with techniques that are in principle not appropriate for them.

Winner of the XXIV Premio Jóvenes Compositores Fundación SGAE-CNDM 2013 “Xavier Montsalvatge»

Piece avaliable at BabelScores

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