Viola concerto «Furia & Lamento» (2021)

Commissioned by the IVC / JOGV as a part of the Resident Composer program. Written for Joaquín Riquelme.

Premiered by Joaquín Riquelme and the JOGV conducted by Pablo Rus Broseta in July 2021.

This concerto is written in five attacca movements: Escena, Premier Tombeau, Furia & Lamento, Deuxième Tombeau and Finale. I tried to embrace and work on what the Viola represents in Western musical culture: a hidden middle-voice, often used in wailing and expressive moments, for which I used as material lamenti and tombeaux written by Marin Marais and Mr. de Sainte-Colombe for viola da gamba. To this heritage, I oppose three movements that represent moments of outburst, fury and violence. These different movements and environments follow multiple processes and paths, and evolve mercilessly from the beginning to the end of the piece, including the establishment of rythmic patterns that also appeal and discuss to our memories of what a concerto should be.

furia & lamento

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Score and materials available at Babel Scores

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