Mans Enceses (2014)

for wind trio

Written for the Klassenarbeit 2014 program of the Ensemble Recherche

Instrumentation: flute + bass flute, baritone oboe, clarinet + bass clarinet
(there is also a B version for flute + alto flute, english horn, clarinet + bass clarinet)

Duration: 7 min.

Dedication: à l’Ensemble Recherche

Unfortunately the recording of this piece isn’t available to the public but I can privately share it if you contact me here.

“Mans enceses”, literally meaning “burning hands” or “lighted hands”, is a poetical image taken from a poem by Vicent A. Estellés, where he describes a rural dance in which the young couples feel their love and passion but can’t express them in public and instead they are “limited” to dancing. Curiously, Estellés wrote that poem in a way that it could be adapted to a bolero, a traditional spanish dance whose rhythm became famous thanks to a certain Frech composer… So I tried to reflect that image of contention, retaining the mouvement, and alternating it with more “dancing” moments. In some way, this piece is also a dance from the point of view of the interaction between the musicians, which take over and over again the same notes, motives, rhythms… from the others.

Piece avaliable at BabelScores

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